The OMEGA production is structured strictly by technological criteria. Large sufficient spaces are available for the individual production areas optimising the production cycle, the internal logistics and the stock conduction.

All laser, blanking and laser-blanking centres in the area „Cutting“ are connected with a central stock system. With it all cutting, blanking and bending processes are provided with raw material and then semi-finished goods are stored intermediately automatically. All bending presses are in the department „Bending“, the area „Joining“ follows immediately. Afterwards, the parts are varnished or powder-coated in the hall „Coloring“ in order to complete the new housing components or machine housings finally in the „Assembly“.

Lasering, Nibbling, Blanking

Modern 2D- and 3D-laser cutting machines and combined blanking-nibbling-laser machines allow to react fast to customer-specific requirements. Laser machines with up to 6 kW processing performance cut plate thickness until 25 mm of material thickness in excellent quality – even at small diameters.

Folding, Bending

CNC-bending presses with press powers up to 3200 kN permit OMEGA employees to produce all desired parts. Complicated forms, tight radiuses and short leg lengths at the components are daily challenges with it. Furthermore we can offer economic manufacturing on our Multibend-center. Our technology is completed by a Plate Rolling Machine. Precise work goes without saying and guarantees the fitting accuracy of all parts together.


Reliable welding and soldering procedures, including automated welding und 3D-laser-welding, define the processes in the welding department. Large plains with cranes above allow to produce housing components of each size as welding constructions. Herewith, almost each product is an individually produced version made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium or zink coated metal sheet.


One of the modern, highly automated powder coating plants takes over the surface treatment. Therein, workpieces with dimensions from up to 6000 x 1000 x 2000 mm are refined including the particular pretreatment. A complete wet coating as well as a preset blasting cabin completes the possibility of the surface refining.


The pretreatment and a functional test of all mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components takes place in an assembly hall that had been installed especially for this sector. If the sheet components have been assembled and the acceptance has been executed the product is delivered with the company-own truck or a forwarding agency. The final assembly and the implementation of the housing or machine takes place in cooperation with our client.

Stock system

The logistical highlight of the company is the comfortable stock system. Productive loading and unloading systems connect the high bay racking and the single sheet processing plants so that small, middle or large series can be produced economically at OMEGA.


All processes within and between the departments are connected together by programming and control software tools that are defined especially to OMEGA.

All production processes and stock movements can be traced and controled in real time by the direct communication between our ERP-system DELECO®, TruTopsFAb and the automated stock.

Omega Blechbearbeitung is partner at Das Fertigungsnetzwerk

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