OMEGA customers can choose: We provide each option – from the single working cycle to the adequate use of the product chain.

But the special strength of OMEGA is the complete system delivery. That means that everything comes from one single source starting at the development to the production and the pre-assembly until the final assembly.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Continuous compatible components
  • Cost-optimised production
  • Maximum know-how transfer
  • One contact partner for all services

Production Areas at a Glance

Grundriss des Omega-Geländes
  1. Administration / Construction
  2. CNC-programming
  3. Goods receipt purchase/norm parts
  4. Goods receipt sheet metal
  5. Cutting
  6. Bending presses
  7. Welding / Joining
  8. Surface finishing
  9. Assembly
  10. Outgoing goods / Packaging / Transport
  • Material cycle
  • Production halls
  • Administration / Merchandise Management
  • Logistics / Stock

Omega Blechbearbeitung is partner at Das Fertigungsnetzwerk

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